Peaky’s speech

Greetings humans of earth my name is peaky and I am the first human like robot to go into space. I would just like to tell you that what I am saying is from a student that has entered the competion for the 100-word challenge. I am in space for a science experiment that  a school is doing. I am being sent to space in a rocket with a parachute at the top so peaky can come down from outer space.


Thank you for listening this was written by a student called Abbey written in Australia, South Australia. In year 5  

the worst holiday

Mum and I went on a holiday to my cousin’s house, well it wasn’t really a holiday at all. When we arrived at my cousins house they hopped in the car and drove off down the road. At that moment I was speechless I didn’t even ask why they left. Today was the that I asked mum why they left and where were they going? And her response was on a holiday. So really all we were was babysitting the house for a week so they could go on holiday. We had to stay there for a week. Worst holiday!

A Day Of Peace

Peace can be where you live in a country and you are free to do whatever you want whenever you want but as long as it is a nice thing. Now we better get on to the story, there is a day where peace is placed all over the world where the wars stop as if they never existed. There are some countries in the world that are surrounded by wars and people may have to become refugees. Many refugees come to Australia because Australia is a free country to live and do whatever, whenever as long as it’s nice.


Mr. Twits dream

Mr. Twit was jumping on his head with wild excitement, wild because his wife announced they were having his favourite meal for tea, fried beans and gold. Once they had eaten their tea the Twits hopped off to bed, and Mr. Twit had the weirdest dream it was about them up the right way and they never turn back to their normal ways. The next day when the Twits woke up they where facing the right way up, so was their house. They ended up staying the right way up for the rest of their lives. What will happen next…………..

my spelling quiz

this is my spelling quiz on scratch

we had to make it in two lessons and we had to add a score and the rule was drop the y and add ies beware I put a trick question in there.

The Scream

It was a sweet summers day and I was out in the garden bright and early while the kids were out in the yard playing their usual games. When I heard a scream, I ran for the kids and I thought “well what a start to the day”, as I was getting there. I got to the yard where the kids were and they were completely fine, they were just screaming because they were playing hide and seek chasee. Then I started working somewhere else where I could see the kids. Then there was a bad emergency, bad because there was blood everywhere and it was unpleasant.

Australian Championships

The crowd goes as wild as the crowd at the Olympics, when the 800m Australian championships begins, the clouds stop crying. There are at least 150 competitors number 91 from Perth is in the lead. It’s now the start of their 2nd lap and number 54 has over taken number 91. They’ve got 1 lap left and it’s close as they make their way around but number 37 is catching up to number 91. The crowd is cheering as they make their way to the finish line. Number 54 comes 1st in 2nd number 37 an in 3rd is 91.


The Potatolympics were run at Yahl PS during the Rio Olympic Games.

They are a sport event that is based on the Olympics and involves Math and potatoes. Our class (The 4/5s) created potato athletes out of real spuds and decorations.

My event

Was called bounce ‘n’ shoot I was working with Ella my friend and it was set up on the playground. You had to drop the potato from a certain height and you had to score a goal by it bouncing from the trampoline you also had to line up and get it from further and further back there were for distances. We had to include math into it Ella and I use measure the distance and you had to move half a meter back each time. We had to use a fair bit of equipment we used a meter ruler, playground equipment, mini trampoline, a hoop, potatoes and people. It took at least 30 minutes to run the event. Some potatoes got chunks taken out of them and some people didn’t get it through the hoop. I quite enjoyed the event because it was challenging to get it through the hoop. It also enjoyed explaining how it runs and helping people out when they were stuck or if they weren’t doing it write.


My favourite event


My favorite event in the potatolympics was the potato and spoon because it was a very big challenge because you were only allowed to use one hand with the other behind your back so it made it even harder. You also had to run about 20m and if the potato fell off you were out and got a score of 0. Another rule was that your partner had to record you time then you had finished racing you had to swap It was organized by Lilly and Cohen it was. Lily b came 3rd Will came 2nd and Alex came 1st.

the extraordinary black flamingo

Far away in a magical land where it was joyful and not far away lived an extraordinary black flamingo that ruined everything for the people in the kingdom.

One time he attacked the king and they all fled from the scene. The king fought back and defeated the extraordinary black flamingo and they have not seen him since. That was 5 years ago and they have built up most of their buildings, they have poked around, looked underneath building and are pretty happy with their work. On June the 25th it was his birthday the moon was down and the sun was waking from its sleep.